Green River

The Green River is threatened by numerous proposed diversions including a nuclear power plant and tar sands and oil shale mining. To read more about the various proposed projects click the links at the bottom of this page.

The Green River is the largest and most important tributary of the Colorado River System.  It’s watershed, known as the Green River Basin, covers parts of Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado.  Originating in the glaciers of the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming and  flowing throughout the length of Utah, the 730 mile long Green River accounts for 40% of inflow into Lake Powell.

The riparian zones along the length of the Green River provide habitats for uncounted numbers of species of flora and fauna.  The waters of the Green provide the precious lifeblood for these species as well as the agriculture industry that runs the lengths of its banks and the recreation industries that navigate its waterways.


Green River Aerial

Flaming Gorge Pipeline

The Flaming Gorge Pipeline Project (FGP) is a proposed diversion of the Green River at Flaming Gorge for the purposes of sending water to Denver and the front range of Colorado.  The pipeline would follow the I-80 corridor and could head as far south as Pueblo, CO.  The FGP is intended to withdraw 250,000 acre-feet …

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nuke map

Nuclear Reactors on the Green

State Engineer Kent Jones recently authorized the use of Green River water for proposed nuclear reactors in southeast Utah, but Utah Rivers Council, HEAL, Uranium Watch and Living Rivers joined together to bring two separate lawsuits challenging the State Engineer’s decision to approve the water rights for the project. The State Engineer failed to demand …

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P.R. Spring in the Uinta Basin

Tar Sands

Utah Approves First Tar Sands Mine on U.S. Soil Without Considering Environmental Impact On October 24th, 2012, the Utah Water Quality Board (UWQB) approved the first tar sands mine onU.S. soil. While tar sands have been called the dirtiest energy source on Earth, theUtah operation will proceed without requiring a comprehensive environmental impact statement.Utah has …

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