Water Conservation

America’s Biggest Water Waster

Utah is the most wasteful water user in the country with residents using nearly twice the per capita U.S. average. Some Utah cities use three times this average and a whopping 70 percent of residential water is used for overwatering lawns each summer.

This sky-high water use becomes the justification for the water development industry to propose billions in unnecessary water projects that have devastating impacts to Utah’s watersheds and the species that depend on them. Although inexpensive water conservation efforts could easily eliminate the “need” for billion dollar diversions, these water agencies scare the public into unnecessary spending with a campaign of fear and ignorance.

To conserve Utah’s water, there are simple, cost saving measures that you can take at your house. However, the biggest water conservation goals can only be met if Utah has sound land and water policies. You can make a difference by educating yourself on current water policy legislation and then taking action. Your voice matters, make your opinion heard by contacting your state legislators.

Conserve Water as a State

Conserve Water at Home

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BluePrint UTAH

BluePrint Utah (blueprintutah.org) is a regionally-specific, interactive water footprint calculator which can help Utahns better understand their water use and how it is connected to Utah’s future.  It was developed in a partnership with the U of U Office of Sustainability in an effort to institute permanent water conservation and sustainable water use practices at …

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Free. Legal. Water. Are You Harvesting the Rain? With dismal snowpack totals in much of Utah and a fourth-straight year of drought looming many Utahns are eager to join the rainwater harvesting revolution sweeping across America.  RainHarvest, is a rainwater collection program to engage homeowners and small businesses to use rainwater to reduce water use …

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Conserve Water as a State

Utah is not just America’s highest water user, its conservation deadlines are 30 years behind most other cities, demonstrating the State’s apathy to reducing water waste. Utah’s goal is to reduce water waste by 0.5% per year. This is ridiculous compared to what other states are achieving.  How can water officials claim we are running …

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Conserve Water At Home

 By conserving water inside and outside your home you save money on your utility bill, and you help maintain water volume and quality in nearby rivers and lakes. Saving water does not require large monetary investments, but rather requires a small amount of time and changing  habits. Many Utahn’s take water for granted as if …

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